eating well

baby playing at ninna nanna nursery

Healthy eating and a well-balanced diet are central to children’s development, growth and learning.

Freshly cooked healthy food every day

At Ninna Nanna we cook every meal on the day using fresh ingredients and recipes from all over the world. Children learn to appreciate different flavours and healthy eating from an early age. Therefore, we encourage that by providing a varied diet than is not only nutritious but stimulates the children’s curiosity to explore new flavours. Click here to find out more about home-cooked food at Ninna Nanna.

Varied nutritious menu

The menu changes weekly and is designed to include :

  • Protein for growth
  • Carbohydrate for energy
  • Essential minerals and vitamins in raw foods, salads and fruit.

Equally important, meal times are a social opportunity. It is a time to sit together and enjoy a meal with our friends. We promote self-feeding from early age and by sitting all together in a long child friendly table, the children can eat and share a chat!

Dietary requirements

Additionally, we are always happy to discuss any dietary requirements with the parents and guardians.