who we are

Ninna Nanna nursery in Chiswick started in 2009 as a childminder setting. It soon became a team of three due to the high demand of places. It was clear that a small family like setting made the children feel more comfortable. The partnership between parents and carers guaranteed children received the best of both worlds.

Ninna Nanna nursery at St Peter’s Hall, Acton

We moved in St Peter’s Hall in February 2021 following a year of lockdown. That saw us drastically cutting down on all offsite activities. We felt children deserved better and we just raised to the challenge!

In our nursery in Chiswick, based at St Peter’s, we have been incredibly careful to ensure we retained what made our setting special:

  • Very small setting, we have a ratio of 1 to 1 for children under the age of 1, so we are truly able to get to know the children we care for.
  • We prepare daily fresh meals on site with ingredients regularly sourced during the week. We offer a varied and complete diet ranging from different cuisines and cultures and we cater for all dietary requirements.
  • Children sleep in travel cots in a designated sleeping room where we promote healthy sleeping habits from young age. The room is fully darkened and the daily routine is consistent.
  • Wide range of toys to suit different ages and personalities! We have a soft play area where children can bounce and tumble while staying safe. For those kids who’d rather chill, we have a home corner for role play, a reading area for a cosy and quiet time with friends. An art and craft table is also available for those feeling a bit arty!!
  • Activities are mainly child led but we also have a PE hour in the morning. A planned activity follows just before lunch and one in the afternoon. Children are encouraged to join in the planned activities. However, they are also welcome to help themselves to toys if they wish to do so.

Elettra at Ninna Nanna nursery in Chiswick

meet Elettra

owner and manager

My name is Elettra and I was born in Italy. I moved to the UK in 1999 and I have lived in Chiswick since 2000.
After working in Hospitality for a few years I went back to Early Years Education in 2008 when I started working in a local Nursery. In 2009 I started Childminding and love it for 11 years!! I decided to start Ninna Nanna nursery in Chiswick in January 2021 after a whole year of lockdown and having witnessed the impact of social restriction in Early Years children. My priority has always been and will always be children welfare. I am passionate about nurturing children’s natural gifts and let them develop at their own pace. I love interacting with them and watch them grow and I very much enjoy outdoor activities.

Henna at Ninna Nanna nursery in Chiswick

meet Henna

early years assistant

Hi, my name is Henna!
From a young age, I have always known I wanted a career in childcare and although there were a few bumps in the road whilst I explored other fields of work, my true passion is caring for children and I can’t imagine looking back. I enjoy socialising and listening to music (even if it is ‘Let It Go’ or ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat!). I love challenging myself and trying new things. I have been working alongside Elettra since October 2018 and have loved every minute of it so far.

Luisa at Ninna Nanna nursery in Chiswick

meet Jania

early years assistant

My name is Jania and I was born in Mallorca, Spain. I have been living in London for the past ten years.
I worked in hospitality for many years, but I always knew that I love kids and being around them.

I worked as a nanny to pay for my studies and after being at home for a year because of covid, I decided to change my career to work with kids. This is what really makes me happy.

Now that I’m working here with Elettra, I know that I couldn’t have chosen a better place!