ready for school and beyond

ninna nanna preschool nursery toddlers and babies

We take enormous pride in ensuring that when children leave us they are fully prepared for the challenges of formal education.
We do this by:
• Introducing potty training as early as we can. As soon as children start showing signs of interest in going to the toilet we start potty training them. Typically this starts just before 2 and for many it means that they are nappy free by their second birthday.
• We promote independence. Children are encouraged to feed themselves, take their shoes off help with getting dressed and undressed and clean after themselves. A child who starts Reception is expected to be able to get changed into his/her PE kit. We make sure children can do that by the time they go to school.
• We introduce early literacy and numeracy in a way that makes sense to young children and with the purpose of understanding the concepts rather than learning by heart. We have story time daily, and we use Montessori cards to help the children with letters and sounds.
• Promote and support language development, we introduce as wide a vocabulary as possible while reading stories.
• Encourage mark making and writing. We do this through our adult led activities usually in the morning sessions.